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For the past two and half years I have had the opportunity to volunteer at the HIV Alliance in the needle exchange and harm reduction program.I feel honored to serve a community that's so frequently ignored. Each week the HIV Alliance van strategically chooses and visits locations in Eugene, OR where they safely collect used syringes in sharp containers and offer exchange for new syringes. This exchange program helps decrease the high risk of infection and spread of pathogens that can result when used syringes are shared among individuals.


In addition, I am also a volunteer test technician in the HIV Alliance's testing program. I love working in this area because the role allows me to encourage individuals to know their status and I am able to help people become comfortable talking about prevention methods.

HIV Alliance NEX

HIV Alliance NEX

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I love playing the ukulele and am rarely seen without it. It's especially meaningful how music can be used to spread a positive spirit among friends and strangers alike.

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The Primate Osteology Lab and the Molecular Anthropology Group at the University of Oregon are deeply committed to giving back to the community. Each of these groups regularly participates in number of outreach activities meant to encourage a love of science and research at all ages. As a member of these labs, I was honored to participate in the following

  • Volunteer Instructor, UO’s Science Program to Inspire Creativity and Excellence (SPICE) Summer Camp. As part of SPICE camp, the Molecular Anthropology Group hosts an activity called Forensics in the Forest where camp participants solve a crime scene utilizing methods from subfields of biological anthropology.

  • Volunteer Instructor, Meet the scientist. Outreach activity with the Molecular Anthropology Group and the Eugene science center. Where kids come to museum and learn about DNA, its components, and how it varies among different species.

  • Volunteer Instructor, Primate Osteology Lab outreach lab tour for future aspiring college students. The primate osteology host a series of activities where the different subfields of biological anthropology are discussed based on the different projects ran by the lab members.

Unfortunately education is not accessible to all. This is why I joined efforts with some amazing friends to raise money for the Malala Fund. My friends and I love to sing, so over the course of a semester we set up events across the University of Oregon campus where we accepted donations for our musical performances. Together we successfully raised three thousand dollars, which will go towards eliminating barriers that currently prevent many girls around the world from receiving an education. 

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